We know that staying fit and active is our best way to build a strong immune system and stay healthy. Since you can’t make it to our branch right now, the Y is offering some FREE options for you to stay healthy and active from the comfort of your own home! At the Y, we remain committed to nurturing the potential of every child and teen, improving your health and well-being and giving back and providing support to our neighbors.

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Just because we aren't in the same room doesn't mean we can't be here for each other, together.


For the month of July our Program and Wellness Director David Caudle has put together a Tabata Challenge. 
Each day there are seven rounds of four exercises, so you can celebrate July 4th (7/4) all month long! 

Tabatas are a form of high-intensity interval training where you do 20 seconds of work and rest for 10 seconds, then move to the next exercise. There are several tabata timer apps that might be helpful. Depending on your device, just go to your app store and search "tabata". 

Click here to download July's Move in Celebration Tabata Challenge PDF.

Previous challenges:
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Little by little we can go beyond what we ever thought possible.  YOU can do this! 

Health & Safety Warning