Frequently Asked Questions

As we get ready to open our new facility, we want to make sure we answer all of your questions! Below is a list of some frequently asked questions about our new building, if your questions are still not answered please give our front desk a call at 252-291-9622

Q: When will the new building open? 
A: The new building is scheduled to open in Late Summer/Early Fall 

Q: Where is the main entrance located?
A: The main entrance of the foundation YMCA is located facing Pine Street. 

Q: How big will the new Y be compared to the current  Y?
A: The current Y is 19,000 square feet. The new Foundation YMCA is about 70,000 square feet.

Q: Will membership dues increase? 
A: Yes, there will be a modest increase in membership dues. 

Q: Where is parking located? 
A: The Foundation YMCA will have street parking along with the parking deck located on Nash Street. 

Q: Will there be surveillance cameras in the parking lot?
A: The parking deck will have lights on all levels and will also have over 60 surveillance cameras installed. 

Q: How many pools will there be? 
A: The Foundation YMCA will have 2 brand new pools. One 8-lane competitive size pool and a 2-lane warm water recreational size pool. 

Q: How many basketball courts will there be? 
A: The Foundation YMCA will have one full-size basketball court that can be split into 6 smaller courts. 

Q: Will child watch still be offered at the new location? 
A: Yes, we will still have child watch when we move into the Foundation YMCA. We will have a beautiful new space for our child watch to operate during normal hours. 

Q: Are there elevators available to use? 
A: Yes, we will have elevators in the Foundation Y to help members in need get to the second floor.