Our Charge:

Develop an afterschool network of mentors and talented service providers who will create opportunities for middle schoolers to discover their strengths, explore their passions, and help their young minds grow with a focus on health and wellness. A special space and place in the heart of Wilson is needed so all youth have access to unique opportunities. Healthcare Foundation of Wilson has endowed the future success  and wellbeing of our community’s youth by entrusting the YMCA to lead and sustain the afterschool network.

New Responsibilities:

Coordinate a network of community partners to offer engaging, hands-on programming choices after school for middle school youth ages 11-14 at a new YMCA location.

  • Programs led by qualified and trained afterschool staff and community members
  • Transportation provided for all six public middle schools.  

New Opportunities:

We can deepen relationships with families, schools, and develop community partnerships to influence even broader health and wellness outcomes through continuing the tradition of great classes, programs, and services. 

New Building:

A welcoming full-facility YMCA will serve as a safe place for youth to learn, have fun, connect, and grow into their full potential.  

  • Innovative spaces for learning: kitchen, science lab, makerspace, and art room
  • Top of the line equipment and facilities for youth and member use
  • Separate entry and locker room space for Y members  
  • Located on Nash St in Historic Downtown Wilson
  • Scheduled to open late summer 2022